Lansdowne Volunteer Fire Department (MD)

AFA Turns Into a 2 Alarm

Friday, May 3, 2013  Shortly after 2200 Lansdowne Volunteers was alerted for a AFA ( Automatic Fire Alarm ) in the 200 Blk of 1st Ave.  Upon arrival as crews entered the buliding the walked into a lite haze and a strong odor of something burnig.  At this time Chief Jacobi called for " The Box ".  Crews went to work on extinishment while others worked on smoke removel and assisting the residents with evacuation.  When crew did a final sweep the had found that there was still smoke pushing from the attic area.  Once crews made entry into the attic area they had found a workin attic fire.  With limited access this brought in the 2nd alarm.  Crews went to the roof and opened up to gean better access.  Fire was controled and all crews took up when ready. 




The Officers and Members of the Lansdowne Volunteer Fire Department was sadden to hear of the line of duty passing of Firefighter Gene Kirchner.  We send out our prayers to his family and the members of the Reisterstown Volunteer Fire Department. 



Filling In AACO Station 5

Wednesday, April 10, 2013  Early Wednesday afternoon Lansdowne was call upon to fill in AACO station 5 due to 2 multable alarm fires.  So E362 took the transfer with 4 Volunteers leaving E361 staffed with 5 And 365 staffed as a medic.  It was a busy day for E362 in the south end of AACO.  The crew run multable calls ranging for medicals, fires, and ending up on the brush fire in Maryland City.  After almost 8 hours in AACO E362 was cut loose and returned back to Lansdowne.



Kent Island Morns Loss Of Member

Tuesday, April 9, 2013  The Officers and members would like to give our deepest sympathy to the Kent Island Vol. Fire Department loss of one of their own.  On Wednesday April 10th KIVFD member Tyler Elzey was taken away in a tragic auto accident.  FF Elzey was a active member of their station for the last year and a half and as posting off their Facebook page always wanted to be at the fire house.  God Speed Brother and Rest Easy



Philadelphia LODD

Saturday, April 6, 2013  On Saturday April 6, 2013 the Philiadelphia Fire Department had suffered a LODD( line of duty death ).  Capt. Micheal Goodwin a 29 year Veteran stationed at Ladder 27 was taken while operating on a 3 alarm fire.  Capt. Goodwin had died when a the 3rd floor had collapsed.  Another Firefighter was injured and later released, while trying to rescue Capt. Goodwin.  God Speed Brother and Rest Easy.



Never A Dull Moment In Lansdowne

Friday, April 5, 2013  Well we will take what we will get.  Company 36 was alerted for a unknown type fire in the Riverveiw section of Lansdowne.  Upon arrival crews found a handy man tring to cut some grass.  Upon stating his lawn mower it started fire.  fire was knocked with a water can and with a loss of the mower everyone was safe.



Company Responds on a Building Fire

Tuesday, April 2, 2013  Station 36 was alerted for a report of a building fire in Station 34's First due.  This brought out E362 with 4 volunteers on the Box.  Upon Arrival of E341 they had found a paper recycling plant with smoke showing.  Crews off E362 went to work just after arrival.  The command had called for the " Working Fire " which brought out E361 with 5 and U369 with 3.  crew worked for about 2 1/2 hours before being told to take up. 



Company 36 To A Major Brush Fire

Friday, March 15, 2013  On a nice Friday evening Station 37 was alerted for a report of a brush fire.  Upon arrival E371 found that there was sevreal acres of brush burining.  With there call for help This brought both E361 & E362 along with U369 with a total of 13 Volunteers.  Crews along with Baltimore City,  Anne Arundle Co., and many Companys form Baltimore Co. where dispatched to help control this fire.  Upon a close call of the fire lighting off a trailor parkcrews worked fast and hard to knock it down.  ALL CREWS WORKED HARD AND TOGETHER AND GOT IT DONE!!



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