Lansdowne Volunteer Fire Department (MD)

Working Fire Box 5-5

Monday, September 16, 2013 Approx. 10 Engine 361 & 362 responded to a working 2.5 story dwelling fire with Engine and Truck 5 on scene advising "Heavy Fire Showing".



1050 Roll Over

Monday, September 9, 2013  Just after 9:00 p.m.  while crews where out training at Lansdowne High School dispatch had put out a 37-1 1050PI with rollover.  Since E-361 was only blocks from where the incident was reported E-361 added them self's to the call.  After arriving E-361 found 1 SUV overturned onto it's roof.  As crew checked on the occupants it was found that they all bailed.  Crews then cleaned up fluids and returned to service.  B.Co.P.D. remained on the seen.



36-4 Working Dwelling Fire

Tuesday, August 27, 2013  Minutes before 1 a.m. station 36 was alerted for a report of a dwelling fire in the 2000 blk of Hammonds Ferry Rd.  Upon arrival crews found a 1 1/2 story dwelling with smoke from the eves.  Once crews made entry the found a woking attic fire.  Crews where faced with some issues getting to the fire due to knee walls blocking access.  At one point due to a MAYDAY being called command ordered evacuation of the dwelling.  Once the MAYDAY was cleared command gave the order to enter the dwelling.  A total of 12 Volunteers had responded bringing E-361, E-362, IV-365, and U-367. 



Members Pass Classes

Tuesday, July 30, 2013  The officers and members would like to congratulate the following members for the passing of there classes,

Kaitlyn Reed, EMT-B

Josh Gill, Firefighter I

Matt Biddle, Firefighter I

As you can see there hard work paid off, Congrats again!




Sunday, July 28, 2013  Please come and like us on Facebook.  Get updates on calls and even weather alerts.  Just go to " Lansdowne Vol. Fire Dept. " and click the like button.



Our Station Dog

Friday, July 19, 2013  Well every one in the fire service know's that you need a station dog.  Well the members took the hydrant that sits in front of the station and painted it up.  We even gave him a sheild.  Looks good guys and gals.



1st Due Train Derailment

Friday, June 7, 2013  Minutes before 8 p.m. Station 36 was alerted for a report of a train derailment with fire.  As the box rang out E362 quickly responded to this call.  This also brought E361, M365, U369 with 17 Volunteers, and different companys within Baltimore County.  Upon arrival Chief Jacobi gave his BIR and extablished command.  Crews found that there was a total of 10 freight cars derailed.  After checking crews found that there was no hazards in the freight cars, and no injuries.  Between mebers in station and the ones whom responded to the station Lansdowne had a total of 24 Volunteers within 8 minutes. 



3 Car MVC On Rt. 295

Sunday, May 12, 2013  Sunday just before 7 PM station 36 was alerted for a report of a 1050PI on north bound  Rt. 295.  E361 took the responce with 5 Volunteers aboard.  Upon arrival crews found a 3 ccar MVC witch one had spun out and rested next to a gaurd rail.  Crews assited EMS with 2 pt's that where transported to a local hospital. 



E361 Filling In BWI

Sunday, May 12, 2013  Company 36 was alerted for a transfer to BWI station 43.  This was due to a fire in the Glen Burnie area of Anne Arundle County.  E361 took the transfer with 4 volunteers leaving 5 back at the station.  E361 stood-by for just over 2 hours before returning.



AFA Turns Into a 2 Alarm

Friday, May 3, 2013  Shortly after 2200 Lansdowne Volunteers was alerted for a AFA ( Automatic Fire Alarm ) in the 200 Blk of 1st Ave.  Upon arrival as crews entered the buliding the walked into a lite haze and a strong odor of something burnig.  At this time Chief Jacobi called for " The Box ".  Crews went to work on extinishment while others worked on smoke removel and assisting the residents with evacuation.  When crew did a final sweep the had found that there was still smoke pushing from the attic area.  Once crews made entry into the attic area they had found a workin attic fire.  With limited access this brought in the 2nd alarm.  Crews went to the roof and opened up to gean better access.  Fire was controled and all crews took up when ready. 



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